Apologised for one’s sins, NYT Crossword Clue

Welcome to the intriguing universe of crossword puzzles, where each clue is a gateway to a new discovery and a test of our vocabulary and knowledge. Today, we’re zeroing in on a clue that has puzzled many: “Apologise for one’s sins.” This guide aims to unravel this mystery and offer you more than just answers. Stick around as we delve into tips, tricks, and the sheer fun of conquering those challenging puzzles. Ready to become a crossword master? Let’s dive in!

Spotlight on Today’s Clue: “Apologise for one’s sins”

Have you ever stared at your crossword puzzle, feeling both challenged and intrigued by a clue that seems to hold more depth than others? Well, “apologised for one’s sins” is one such clue that captures the essence of seeking redemption or making amends, a theme as old as time itself. The answer, you ask? “ATONED.”

Understanding this clue is not just about adding another word to your crossword arsenal; it’s about appreciating the complexity and richness of language. “Atoned” speaks to the human condition of acknowledging wrongs and striving for reconciliation or peace. In the context of crossword puzzles, such clues serve as a reminder of how these games are woven with the threads of our collective human experiences and emotions.

But how do you crack such clues without scratching your head in frustration? Here are a few tips:

  1. Look for Contextual Hints: Sometimes, the puzzle’s theme or adjacent clues offer hints about the tone or context of the answers. A clue about sins, for example, might hint at religious or moral concepts.
  2. Consider the Part of Speech: If the clue is phrased in the past tense or seems to imply an action, you’re likely looking for a verb. “Apologised” hints at an action taken in response to an action, guiding you towards a similar verb, like “atoned.”
  3. Break It Down: Look at the clue in segments. “For one’s sins” suggests a reason or purpose behind the action, leading you to think about actions taken to address or rectify sins.
  4. Expand Your Vocabulary: Crossword puzzles are notorious for teaching new words or meanings. If “atoned” was a new word for you, you’ve just expanded your linguistic repertoire!
  5. Practice makes perfect: the more puzzles you tackle, the better you’ll become at deciphering clues. Each puzzle solved is a step towards becoming a crossword connoisseur.

So, the next time you come across a clue like “apologised for one’s sins,” remember, it’s more than just finding the right word. It’s about connecting with the human experiences that language encapsulates and enjoying the journey of discovery that crosswords offer. Happy puzzling!

Unveiling the Answer: “ATONED”

In the intriguing world of crossword puzzles, every answer is a key to a new door of knowledge, and “ATONED” is no exception. This simple yet profound word is the solution to the clue “apologised for one’s sins,” a phrase that beckons a deeper understanding of remorse and reconciliation.

Why “ATONED” Fits Perfectly

The beauty of crossword puzzles lies in their ability to condense complex ideas into a single word. “ATONED” encapsulates the act of making amends or reparations for wrongdoings, a concept deeply rooted in moral and ethical discussions. It’s not just about saying sorry; it’s about taking steps to rectify the mistake, demonstrating the depth of one’s understanding and regret.

Learning Through Crosswords

Discovering “ATONED” as the answer not only broadens your vocabulary but also deepens your understanding of the nuances of human emotions and actions. Crossword puzzles often mirror the complexities of real life, offering a platform to reflect on various aspects of humanity, including forgiveness and redemption.

Tips for Deciphering Similar Clues

  1. Reflect on Synonyms: When faced with clues about rectifying mistakes or expressing regret, think of words that could fit these contexts. Synonyms are your friends in the cross-word world.
  2. Consider the context: Some clues might have religious, cultural, or philosophical undertones. Understanding the broader context can guide you to the right answer.
  3. Use Crossword Tools: Don’t shy away from using a thesaurus or crossword solver for hints. These tools can help you learn new words and understand their applications.
  4. Engage with the Language: The more you engage with language through reading, writing, and solving puzzles, the more intuitive these answers will become.

Today’s NYT Mini Crossword Answers

Diving into the New York Times Mini Crossword is a daily ritual for many puzzle enthusiasts, offering a quick yet satisfying challenge. While today’s clue, “apologised for one’s sins,” and its answer, “atoned,” take centre stage, there’s a whole world of words waiting to be discovered in each puzzle. Let’s explore the allure of the NYT Mini Crossword and why it’s a perfect brain exercise for everyone.

A Bite-Sized Challenge

The beauty of the Mini Crossword lies in its brevity. Unlike its larger counterpart, the Mini is designed to be completed in just a few minutes, making it an ideal mental workout for any time of day. It’s not just about solving a puzzle; it’s about sharpening your mind in a fun and engaging way.

Diverse Clues and Answers

The Mini Crossword features a wide array of clues, from current events and popular culture to science and literature. This diversity not only broadens your knowledge base but also introduces you to new words and concepts. Every puzzle is a new adventure, with each word you uncover adding to your mental lexicon.

Tips for Mastering the Mini

  1. Start with What You Know: Scan the clues for ones that immediately stand out to you. Filling in these answers can help provide letters for more challenging clues.
  2. Look for Shortcuts: The Mini often includes fill-in-the-blank clues or straightforward questions that can be quickly answered. These can give you a foothold to tackle the rest of the puzzle.
  3. Practice Regularly: Consistency is key to becoming proficient at crossword puzzles. The more you play, the better you’ll get at spotting patterns and predicting answers.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Guess: Sometimes, taking a stab at an answer can lead you down the right path. Crossword puzzles are as much about intuition as they are about knowledge.

A Daily Dose of Fun

Beyond the challenge, the NYT Mini Crossword is a source of daily joy and accomplishment. Finishing the puzzle can provide a sense of achievement, however small it may seem. It’s a reminder that it’s the little victories in life that often bring us the most pleasure.

Try Our Daily Word Games

After unravelling the mysteries of today’s crossword clue and diving into the allure of the NYT Mini Crossword, why stop there? The world of word games is vast and varied, offering endless opportunities for fun, learning, and mental exercise. Let’s explore a few daily word games that can keep your brain buzzing and your vocabulary expanding.

Concludle: Trivia-based Fun

First up, we have Concludle, a game that combines the thrill of trivia with the challenge of word puzzles. Each day presents a new set of questions across a wide range of topics, from history and science to pop culture. Your task is to guess the word or phrase that ties all the clues together. It’s a fantastic way to test your knowledge and deductive reasoning skills, all while learning something new.

Adoptle: A Treat for Animal Lovers

For those who have a soft spot for our furry friends, Adoptle is a must-try. This delightful game asks players to guess the name of an adorable animal in as few tries as possible. With each guess, you’ll receive hints to help narrow down your options. It’s not just entertaining; it’s also a heartwarming reminder of the many wonderful creatures that share our planet.

Mislettered: Solve Today’s Quote

Mislettered offers a unique twist on word puzzles by challenging you to decipher a quote that’s been jumbled up. Each puzzle provides all the letters you need, but it’s up to you to rearrange them to reveal the wisdom or wit of the day’s quote. This game is perfect for literature buffs and anyone who appreciates the power of words.

Word Frenzy: For Word Masters

If you’re looking for a fast-paced challenge, Word Frenzy is your go-to. This game tests your ability to form words from a set of letters under time pressure. The quicker and more accurately you can think, the higher your score. It’s an exhilarating way to test your vocabulary and typing speed, all while keeping your mind sharp.

More Than Just Games

These daily word games offer more than just entertainment. They’re tools for learning, sources of inspiration, and means of connecting with others who share your love for words. Each game brings its own unique benefits, from enhancing your trivia knowledge with Concludle to warming your heart with Adoptle, sharpening your literary skills with Mislettered, and boosting your cognitive agility with Word Frenzy.

More Content Beyond Crosswords

Venturing beyond the realm of the daily crossword, there’s a treasure trove of puzzles and clues waiting to be discovered in other corners of the puzzle universe. Each game offers its own unique twist, challenging your brain in new and exciting ways. Let’s delve into some additional content that can keep your puzzle-solving spirit alive and kicking.

Remoulade Kin LA Times Crossword Clue

First off, we have the LA Times Crossword, known for its clever clues and broad range of topics. A fascinating example is the clue for “remoulade kin,” which not only tests your culinary knowledge but also invites you to explore the intricate relationships between different foods and sauces. This clue, like many others in the LA Times Crossword, encourages a deeper understanding of language and culture through the lens of food.

Waikiki’s Island Crossword Clue

Another intriguing clue is “Waikiki’s Island,” found in various crossword puzzles. This clue doesn’t just ask for a geographical name; it transports you to the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii, reminding you of the world’s vastness and diversity. Solving such clues is not only about recalling facts but also about connecting with different cultures and places, enriching your worldview.

Score 100% on a Test, Say a crossword clue.

The clue “Score 100% on a test, say” is a nod to achievements in academic and testing scenarios. It’s a straightforward yet rewarding clue, celebrating the joy of personal achievement and knowledge mastery. This type of clue resonates with the universal experience of striving for excellence, making it a relatable and satisfying solution.

Considerate of WSJ Crossword Clue

Lastly, the Wall Street Journal’s crossword often features clues like “Considerate of,” which challenge solvers to think about common phrases and idioms in the English language. These clues are not just puzzles to be solved; they’re reminders of the nuances and beauty of language, encouraging players to appreciate the depth and richness of vocabulary.

Expanding Your Puzzle Horizons

Each of these clues, from the culinary depths of the LA Times to the cultural explorations of Hawaii and the linguistic reflections in the WSJ, represents the vast landscape of crossword puzzles. They’re not just tests of knowledge; they’re invitations to learn, explore, and connect with the world in novel ways.

Engaging with a variety of puzzles and clues from different sources can dramatically enrich your puzzle-solving experience. It’s about more than just filling in squares; it’s about embarking on a journey of discovery, where each clue is a gateway to new insights and understandings.

Exploring Further: Daily Word Games and Puzzles

In the vast ocean of word games and puzzles, each day brings a new wave of challenges and delights for enthusiasts. Beyond traditional crosswords, a plethora of innovative and engaging games await those eager to test their mettle against the quirks and conundrums of language. Let’s dive into some of these daily word games that promise not just entertainment but also a daily dose of brain exercise.

Concluding: Trivia-Based Challenges

Concludle is a trivia buff’s paradise, a game where knowledge meets guesswork in an exciting blend. Each day, players are presented with a series of clues that lead them on a journey across various domains of knowledge. From history and science to pop culture and beyond, Concludle challenges you to connect the dots and conclude the day’s mystery. It’s not just about what you know; it’s about how you think, making it a thrilling experience for trivia lovers and puzzle solvers alike.

Adoptle: A Treat for Animal Lovers

For those who have a soft spot for animals, Adoptle is a heartwarming game that combines word puzzle fun with the joy of pets. Players guess the names of animals through a series of hints, each guess bringing them closer to ‘adopting’ the creature of the day. It’s a delightful way to learn more about the animal kingdom, discover new species, and enjoy a moment of cuteness amid the challenge of word puzzles.

Mislettered: Solve Today’s Quote

Mislettered takes a creative spin on puzzles by inviting players to solve quotes that have been jumbled or obscured. Each day offers a new quote, with letters missing or rearranged, challenging solvers to piece together words and uncover the wisdom, humour, or inspiration hidden within. It’s a game that not only tests your linguistic skills but also offers a moment of reflection, as each solved quote brings with it a message to ponder.

Word Frenzy: For Word Masters

Word Frenzy is a fast-paced game for those who love the thrill of rapid-fire word formation. Players race against the clock to create as many words as possible from a given set of letters, pushing their vocabulary and speed to the limit. It’s a test of quick thinking and linguistic agility, perfect for anyone looking to sharpen their word skills in a fun and competitive setting.

More Than Just Games

These daily word games do more than just provide entertainment; they are a daily ritual for many, offering a moment of mental stimulation, learning, and relaxation. Each game, with its unique format and challenge, caters to a wide range of interests and skills, making the world of word puzzles a rich and diverse landscape to explore.

Furthermore, these games foster a sense of community among players. Through shared challenges and achievements, players connect with others around the globe, sharing tips, celebrating victories, and sometimes commiserating over a particularly tough puzzle. This sense of belonging and mutual encouragement add another layer of joy to the puzzle-solving experience.


As we wrap up our journey through the fascinating world of crosswords and word games, it’s clear that the allure of these puzzles goes far beyond the simple act of filling in blanks on a grid. Whether it’s the NYT Mini Crossword, the LA Times, or any of the delightful word games like Concludle and Adoptle, each offers a unique window into the vast expanse of human knowledge, culture, and language.

Solving a crossword clue, especially one as introspective as “apologised for one’s sins,” isn’t just an intellectual exercise; it’s a reflective moment that connects us to the broader themes of forgiveness, growth, and redemption. This singular clue, “ATONED,” embodies the essence of crosswords: they’re not merely puzzles but narratives, each word a story, every solution a revelation.

The journey doesn’t stop at the crossword’s edge. Daily word games extend this narrative, offering new stories, challenges, and discoveries every day. They keep our minds engaged, our vocabularies expanding, and our hearts lit with the joy of solving. From the trivia-rich challenges of Concludle to the heartwarming guesses of Adoptle, each game is a testament to the joy of learning and the thrill of discovery.

Moreover, the exploration of crossword clues across various publications, from the LA Times to the Wall Street Journal, reveals the depth and breadth of human curiosity. Clues like “Remoulade Kin” or “Waikiki’s Island” are more than mere questions seeking answers; they are invitations to explore the world in all its diversity and complexity. They remind us that every word, every clue, is a portal to new understanding, a chance to see the world from a different angle.

In conclusion, the world of crosswords and word games is a microcosm of the joy of learning. It’s a space where the thrill of discovery meets the satisfaction of problem-solving, where each clue solved is a victory and every puzzle completed is a celebration. As we navigate these grids and games, we’re not just passing time; we’re enriching our minds, expanding our perspectives, and connecting with a community of fellow puzzle enthusiasts around the globe.

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